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19 novembre 2017
Al Masah Capital Weekly Investment report
18 novembre 2017
Price center «Cbonds Valuation» Результаты расчета Cbonds Valuation по еврооблигациям России и СНГ (17.11.2017)
17 novembre 2017
MosFinAgency Еженедельные обзоры рынка ОГО(В)3 Москвы
Dagong Credit Dagong Global Affirms the Long-Term Credit Rating of SIAT p.A. at ‘BBB+’, Outlook ‘Stable’
Dagong Global has affirmed the Long-Term Credit Rating of Italy-based Società Italiana di Assicurazioni e Riassicurazioni per Azioni (SIAT) at ‘BBB+’, with Outlook ‘Stable’. The Short-Term Credit Rating is affirmed at ‘A-2’.   RATING RATIONALE   The Long-Term Credit Rating of ‘BBB+’ combines an Individual Financial Strength Assessment (IFSA) of ‘bbb+’ and an External Support Assessment (ESA) of ‘High’ from Unipol Group (group of entities consolidated under Unipol Gruppo S.p.A.). However, this has not created any rating uplift.   The IFSA reflects SIAT’s strong and resilient financial profile, good risk management practices and large capital base compared to its net premiums earned. The IFSA is also supported by excellent liquidity and a leading competitive position in the Italian marine insurance. These strengths are partially offset by an improving, but still challenging economic and industry environment, SIAT’s concentration in marine & transportation, historically volatile underwriting and investment results. The main considerations for the IFSA are laid out below. ·         Capital ·         Liquidity ·         Profitability ·         Risk management ·         Competitive position ·         Operational environment ·         External Support Assessment   RATING OUTLOOK   The stable outlook reflects our expectations that SIAT will grow its premium volumes and will continue to protect its competitive position in hull and cargo sectors with Italian and international clients. We also expect the company to further develop and strengthen its risk management practices, maintain its risk profile and preserve profitability. We also expect SII solvency ratio to be above 160%, the net combined ratio to be below 93% on average and return on equity around 8% over 2017-2019.
Dagong Credit Dagong Global Upgrades the Long-Term Credit Rating of Unipol Banca S.p.A. to ‘BB’ from ‘BB-’, Outlook ‘Stable’
Dagong Global has upgraded the Long-Term Credit Rating of Unipol Banca S.p.A. (UB) to ‘BB’ from ‘BB-’, with Outlook ‘Stable’. The Short-Term Credit Rating is affirmed at ‘B’.   RATING RATIONALE   The Long-Term Credit Rating combines an Individual Financial Strength Assessment (IFSA) of ‘b’, and an External Support Assessment (ESA) that recognises a potentially ‘High’ level of support from the Unipol Group.   The upgrade of UB’s Long-Term Credit Rating to ‘BB’ recognises in our view, a strengthening on the support from the parent Unipol Group (consolidated entities under Unipol Gruppo S.p.A.) following the capital injection for EUR 900Mn materialised in July 2017 as part of the restructuring plan and transfer of a NPL portfolio implemented by the group and the bank.   The decision of the group to restructure and clean-up the bank is in line with the guidelines promoted by the ECB for NPLs management. The plan considers the transfer and sale of EUR 2.9Bn of NPLs that were originated in the past and that do not represent the strategic focus of the bank going forward. We see this restructuring as a stronger commitment from the group, compared to previous history of support, to help the transformation of the bank into a profit unit in the medium-term.   The IFSA continues to reflect UB’s relatively weak asset quality, reduced profitability and limited competitive positioning in the Italian banking system evidenced by a national market share below 1.0%. Mitigating factors are UB’s relatively stable funding profile concentrated on customers’ deposits; its traditional banking model focused on retail and SMEs, which should allow to reach stable revenues in the long-term; and the possibility to strengthen the synergies with its parent Unipol Gruppo S.p.A (UG) and its insurance subsidiary, UnipolSai Assicurazioni S.p.A. The main considerations for the IFSA are laid out below.   Asset quality Capital Competitive position Funding structure Liquidity External Support Assessment   RATING OUTLOOK   The ‘Stable’ outlook reflects our expectation that UB’s profitability will reach a positive level only by 2018 following the restructuring, however at a slower pace as previously expected due to the current low interest rate scenario. Therefore, we do not expect a fast recovery for internal capital generation but no further erosion following this one-off large loss. We foresee that from now on, asset quality should not erode significantly the bank’s operating earnings, and the exposure of NPLs will decrease further by YE18.
ICU Фінансовий щоденник -- Гривня тримається біля 26.5 грн/дол
За підсумками торгової сесії у четвер курс гривні майже не змінився проти американського долара, хоч і дещо підвищився -- до 26.4763 грн/дол. Минулого тижня українська валюта отримувала підтримку від процесу підготовки експортерів до періоду податкових платежів, а також внаслідок слабкого долара на світових валютних ринках, завдяки чому їй вдалося зміцнитися на 1.7%. Цього тижня курс гривні не демонстрував значної тенденції до посилення і залишався близьким до 26.5 грн/дол. У четвер на готівковому ринку зелений можна було купити за 26.76 гривень, продаж становив 26.57 грн/дол. Торгово-зважений індекс національної валюти (очищений на індекси споживчих цін) знизився на 0.07% -- до 106.87. У річному вираженні торгово-зважений індекс на 3.47% нижчий за показник у 110.71 р/р. 
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