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Fonte Commenti
25 dicembre 2018
Goldman Sachs Asset Management Global Fixed Income Weekly
24 dicembre 2018
Janney Fixed Income Daily Market Commentary
Ashmore Investment Management Weekly investor research
DNB ASA Daily Macro Brief
Erste Group Short Note Romania: Government adopts corporate taxes, some provisions are changed
Hong Leong Bank Fixed Income Daily Market Snapshot
Hong Leong Bank Daily Market Watch
22 dicembre 2018
Alfa-Bank Ukraine Latest developments in Ukraine (22 Dec 2018)
21 dicembre 2018
ICU Weekly Insight - The IMF approved new program for Ukraine
Janney Fixed Income Daily Market Commentary
DNB ASA Daily Macro Brief
ROSBANK Café et Croissant. Russian Daily
Hong Leong Bank Weekly Market Highlights
Hong Leong Bank Fixed Income Daily Market Snapshot
Hong Leong Bank Daily Market Watch
20 dicembre 2018
Erste Group Short note, Romania: Government survives no-confidence vote, disruptive fiscal changes sti...
Janney Fixed Income Daily Market Commentary
Commerzbank Polish Weekly Review
DNB ASA Daily Macro Brief
Erste Group Forex News | Further environment speaks for dollar
E.Gavrilenkov and A.Kudrin CPI: Change in consumer behavior to continue shaping inflation trends
Despite the September rate hike, inflation in Russia continued to accelerate in the following months. CBR acted in a similar fashion in December and delivered another 25 bps hike. At the same time the CBR announced that the FX purchases, as part of Minfin’s fiscal rule, which can be treated as a kind of quantitative easing, will resume starting January 15, 2019. Hence a mix of some tightening and loosening of the monetary policy is back in place. All in all, it looks as though a "carrot and stick policy” is set to continue in 2019, at least in the first half of the year. Apart from peculiarities of the monetary policy which at some point helped to bring inflation down, a number of secondary effects followed and contributed to some acceleration of inflation in recent months. Among them was a change in household behavior, such as lack of desire to save and willingness to borrow. As credit growth is set to moderate in 2019, inflation pressure is generally expected to subside in 2Q19 and beyond.
ROSBANK Café et Croissant. Russian Daily
Erste Group Short Note US | FOMC does not follow markets
Hong Leong Bank Fixed Income Daily Market Snapshot
Hong Leong Bank Daily Market Watch
  • Cbonds è una piattaforma di ricerca e analisi del mercato obbligazionario internazionale
  • La copertura è di oltre 170 paesi e 250.000 emissioni.
  • I dati si possono ricevere attraverso il sito web, l’excel add-in, API e la Mobile App di Cbonds
  • Strumenti analitici: Ricerca obbligazionaria multi-parametro, Watch list, Curve di rendimento e molte altre