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Gruppo dell' indice::FX repos

Ente responsabile del calcolo dell' indice:CBR

Descrizione del gruppo dell' indice
FX repos are held weekly at the MICEX Stock Exchange in US dollars and euros in the form of one-week and 28-day auctions. Settlements are carried out on the second business day following the date of transaction. All securities included in the Bank of Russia Lombard List, excluding equities, can be used as collateral for these transactions.

Indici inclusi
1-year FX repo, USD mln
1-year FX repo, EUR mln
One-week FX repo, EUR mln
28-day FX repo, EUR mln
28-day FX repo, USD mln
One-week FX repo, USD mln

150 000
emissioni: obbligazioni domestiche ed internazionali
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150 000
emissioni: obbligazioni domestiche ed internazionali
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