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"We made a statement for the market - we can do it"- exclusive comment of "Freedom Finance Ukraine" concerning the decision to distribute USA government securities to the Ukraine stock market

March 15, 2019 | Cbonds

Why now of all times the company decided to distribute USA government securities to the Ukraine market?
We wanted to make sure that the new procedure for introduction of foreign securities to Ukraine stock market is really "simplified". It took us about two months from the date of initiation of this application, half of which we were collecting the information about the release and it took 30 days for consideration in the NSSMS to get the long-awaited decision. We would like to emphasize the quick and well-coordinated work of the NDU concerning this issue.

Who is considered to be the buyer of this securities? How significant can their interest be?  
We know that NBU allowed commercial banks to form the portfolios of foreign issuers' securities whose rating is higher than the investment one and in our opinion some banks may be interested in this instrument. In addition, there is some demand from wealthy individuals which are not very optimistic about the reliability of Ukraine's foreign and domestic securities. 

Why this issue was chosen as the first one? 
We had a targeted order for this issue specifically.

The total volume of US9128283U26 notes' issue is almost 40 billion. What volume will be available on the Ukraine domestic market?
 At the moment, we plan to introduce a small volume, in the framework of the targeted transaction in the equivalent of 1 million USD.

Does "Freedom Finance Ukraine" plans to support the secondary market of US9128283U26 notes? How active their secondary market in Ukraine is considered to be?
 It all depends on the demand for this instrument. The yield on it is extremely low, but this is due to the high reliability of the instrument. Therefore, we will go off of the market situation.

Are there any plans for the introduction of other USA or other developed (developing) markets' government securities?
Yes, there is. But again, it all depends on the demand and at first it can only be created by the commercial banks. By having done the work on the introduction of USA Treasury notes to the Ukraine market we made a statement - we can do it.

"Freedom Finance Ukraine" – financial institution that carries out professional activities such as securities trading on the stock market, provides brokerage and Depository services. The company is a part of FREEDOM HOLDING CORP. (USA), whose brokers provide clients with access to the world stock markets. Shares of the holding are getting listed on the stock exchange OTC QX, the Best Market in the US (Ticker FRHC). The activities of the holding are regulated by the U.S securities and exchange Commission (SEC), the reports are published on the SEC website. The holding team consists of more than 600 experts in 57 offices in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, as well as in the USA, Germany and Cyprus. On the market since 2008.

Emissione: USA, Note 2.375 31jan2023 5Y

StatusPaeseEstinzione (offerta)VolumeRating dell'emissione (M/S&P/F)
in corsoUSA31.01.202338.997.034.500 USDAaa/-/AAA

Società: USA

Nome completo della societàUnited States of America
Paese di registrazioneUSA


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