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Cbonds and GKEM Analytica Partnership

November 08, 2019 | Cbonds

As part of the cooperation between Cbonds and GKEM Analytica, access to the analytical materials of E. Gavrilenkov and A. Kudrin will become chargeable from January 1, 2020. There is an introductory period until the end of the year, and the reviews are accessed by a simple request from a specific material page.

Cbonds continues to expand the range of analytical materials on the website. Now reviews of about 100 investment companies, banks, government agencies and other market participants are available in the "Comments" section. The demand for high-quality and in-depth market analysis is growing, so we offer our clients exclusive analytical materials of the leading financial experts – Yevgeny Gavrilenkov and Alexander Kudrin, founders of GKEM Analytica.

GKEM Analytica is an independent project focused on the analysis of the Russian and CIS economies. Both periodic reviews and specific comments on key events are published in terms of the project.

Analytical materials of E. Gavrilenkov and A. Kudrin can be found on the project webpage, or in the "Comments" section. Reviews are available in Russian and English.

As of next January, access to these materials will be chargeable. The service fee depends on the period for which access is granted: fixed price per month is RUB 5,000, and in case of ordering services for a year 20% discount on the price is given. The minimum subscription period for the analytical materials is 3 months.

There is an introductory period until the end of the year, and the analytical materials are accessed by a simple request for access permit from a specific material page.

For further access, you need to send a subscription request to

Evgeny Gavrilenkov is a founding member of GKEM Analytica. Previously, he served as the Managing Director and Chief Economist at Sberbank CIB. He was repeatedly named one of the best Russian analysts in the Economics category based on the survey results of Institutional Investor. Nine times he was ranked first, eight consecutive years he was the undisputed leader of the rating. In 2011, he became the leader of the EEMEA rating of analysts in the "Economics" category based on the survey results of Institutional Investor. He was repeatedly named one of the most influential analysts on the Russian market and headed the rating in the "Economics and Macroeconomics" category according to Extel Survey Rating.

Alexander Kudrin worked at Sberbank CIB from 2002 to 2018. He headed the debt market analysis department for seven years, and was the head of the analytical department of Sberbank Investment Research from November 2014 to May 2018. Under his guidance, the research team was recognized as the best in Russia by Institutional Investor (in 2015 and 2016), as well as by Extel (in 2016 and 2017). Alexander was named the best analyst in Russia in 2017. In addition, he was one of the three analysts in the market who were among the top 4 analysts of Institutional Investor's rankings throughout the history of All-Russia Surveys (more than 10 consecutive years), ranked first in 2011 and 2015. He was named the best debt analyst in Russia in 2013 according to Extel.

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