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Banca IMI — Company card

Società Banca IMI
Nome completo della società Banca IMI S.p.A.
Paese Italy
country of registration Italy
Ambito Banks
Sito internet

Company details

  • pre-LEI / LEI


Banca IMI S.p.A. provides investment banking services to banks, companies, institutional investors, governments, and public administrations in Greece and internationally. The company operates in three segments: Capital Markets, Investment Banking, and Structured Finance. The Capital Markets segment offers specialized advisory services for the financial risk management. This segment provides trading services for institutional clients by acting as market maker for a range of cash and derivative instruments, such as government bonds, equities, exchange rates, derivatives on commodities, and derivatives on equities and rates; and offers access to various products for the management of rate, credit, FX, equity, and commodities risk; and for the management of the cash and financial liabilities of corporate clients. The Investment Banking segment engages in originating both debt and equity securities on primary markets, as well as advisory operations. This segment offers equity placements for both new issues and existing placements, as well as provides listed companies with assistance in dealings with the community of investors and financial analysts. It also provides investment grade and high yield bonds and hybrid instruments; and issuers rating advisory services, as well as offers consultancy services in the area of mergers, acquisitions, disposals, and restructurings. The Structured Finance segment offers products and services in the areas of project industry and specialized lending; acquisition finance; real estate structured finance; corporate lending; and loan agency syndication. The company also provides research services, such as macroeconomic and fixed income, equity and credit, retail, technical and quantitative analysis, industry and banking, and international economics research services. The company is headquartered in Milan, Italy. Banca IMI S.p.A. operates as a subsidiary of Intesa Sanpaolo S.p.A.
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Rating di credito dell' emittente

Agenzia di ratingRatingRating scaleDate
Moody's Investors Service *** LT- foreign currency ***
Moody's Investors Service *** LT- local currency ***
S&P Global Ratings *** Foreign Currency LT ***
S&P Global Ratings *** Local Currency LT ***
Fitch Ratings *** LT Int. Scale (foreign curr.) ***
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Importo delle emissioni obbligazionarie presenti sul mercato

Valuta Emissioni di obbligazioni in corso Cumulative volume
AUD 7 2 470 000 000
BRL 2 752 810 000
CAD 1 350 000 000
CHF 1 150 000 000
EUR 75 9 159 115 600
GBP 5 663 271 000
ITL 1 320 000 000 000
NOK 2 2 065 650 000
NZD 4 1 350 000 000
RUB 3 46 000 000 000
TRY 6 3 506 716 000
USD 33 6 244 364 000


Emissione Volume, mln Status
Banca IMI, 4% 24nov2025, USD 300 USD in corso
Banca IMI, 2% 24nov2027, EUR 300 EUR in corso
Banca IMI, 6.75% 29sep2019, BRL 750 BRL in corso
Banca IMI, FRN 29sep2025, EUR 300 EUR in corso
Banca IMI, 11% 25sep2019, TRY 800 TRY in corso
Banca IMI, 0.7% 21jul2022, EUR 50 EUR in corso
Banca IMI, 7.8% 21jul2019, RUB 10.000 RUB in corso
Banca IMI, 3% 5jul2023, USD 300 USD in corso
Banca IMI, 3% 5jul2021, AUD 400 AUD in corso
Banca IMI, 3.4% 17may2027, EUR 300 EUR in corso
Loans Volume, mln Status
Pravex-bank, 9.2008 42 USD Redeemed


Emissione Volume, mln Status
Gas Natural, 1.5% 29jan2028, EUR 850 EUR responsabile del collocamento
Telefonica SA, 1.447% 22jan2027, EUR 1.000 EUR responsabile del collocamento
Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Luxembourg, 0% 19feb2019, EUR (396D) 490 EUR responsabile del collocamento
Exor, 1.75% 18jan2028, EUR 500 EUR responsabile del collocamento
Enel, 1.125% 16sep2026, EUR 1.250 EUR responsabile del collocamento
Intesa Sanpaolo, 3.875% 12jan2028, USD 1.000 USD responsabile del collocamento
Intesa Sanpaolo, 4.375% 12jan2048, USD 500 USD responsabile del collocamento
Intesa Sanpaolo, 3.375% 12jan2023, USD 1.000 USD responsabile del collocamento
Cattolica Assicurazioni, 4.25% 14dec2047, EUR 500 EUR responsabile del collocamento
Ferrovie dello Stato, 0.875% 7dec2023, EUR 600 EUR responsabile del collocamento
Loans Volume, mln Status
VEON Holdings, B, 02.2017 1.581 USD Bookrunner
VEON Holdings, А, 02.2017 527 USD Bookrunner
Severneftegazprom, 03.2011 1.560 USD Bookrunner
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150 000
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