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Cbonds Page: Shanghai Pudong Development Bank

Società Shanghai Pudong Development Bank
nome completo della società Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Co., Ltd.
paese China
paese di registrazione China
settore Banks
Indirizzo No.12, Zhongshan Dong Yi Road, Shanghai
telefono 86-21-61618888
fax 86-21-63232036
Sito internet
SIC 6020 Commercial banks
ICB 8300 Banks
Sito IR


  • pre-LEI / LEI


Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Co., Ltd. (SPD Bank) was founded on August 28, 1992 with the approval of the People’s Bank of China and has been operating since January 9, 1993. It is a nationwide joint-stock commercial bank that became listed in 1999 on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 600000). By adhering to its core value of “holding to integrity and striving for excellence,” SPD Bank continues to expand its capital base and strengthen its business through financial innovation. By the end of 2017, the Bank had total assets of RMB 6.14 trillion. Now, it operates a network of 41 branches and approximately 1,800 banking outlets inside and outside China, and the number of employees exceeds 52,000. It has taken concrete steps to start global operations as seen by the establishment of Hong Kong Branch, Singapore Branch, London Branch and SPDB International Holdings Ltd. The establishments of SPD Rural Banks, SPDB Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. and SPD Silicon Valley Bank, and its acquisition of Shanghai International Trust Co., Ltd., are milestones on the Bank’s journey to becoming a financial group with comprehensive business operations.


Fixed Income Department Trader

Rating di credito dell' emittente

AgenziaRatingScala di ratingData
Moody's Investors Service***LT- foreign currency***
Moody's Investors Service***LT- local currency***
S&P Global Ratings***Local Currency LT***
S&P Global Ratings***Foreign Currency LT***
Fitch Ratings***LT Int. Scale (foreign curr.)***

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Importo delle emissioni obbligazionarie presenti sul mercato

Valuta Emissioni di obbligazioni in corso Volume complessivo
CNY 11 181 400 000 000
USD 1 300 000 000

Partecipazione alle transazioni

Obbligazione Importo, milioni. Status
Zhuhai Da Heng Qin Investment, 4.6% 27nov2021, CNY 800 CNY responsabile del collocamento
Zhuhai Da Heng Qin Investment, 3.8% 27nov2022, USD 450 USD responsabile del collocamento
Chengdu Jiaozi Financial Holding, 3.24% 14nov2022, USD 300 USD responsabile del collocamento
Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, FRN 29oct2022, USD 300 USD responsabile del collocamento
Mianyang Investment, 5.95% 30oct2022, USD 300 USD responsabile del collocamento
Huayi Tencent Entertainment, 3% 30oct2024, USD 350 USD responsabile del collocamento
AVIC International Leasing, 3.45% perp., USD 200 USD responsabile del collocamento
E-House (China) Enterprise Holdings, 7.625% 18apr2022, USD 200 USD responsabile del collocamento
Tuspark, 7.95% 15aug2021, USD 400 USD responsabile del collocamento
Orient Securities, 2.9% 27sep2022, SGD 200 SGD responsabile del collocamento



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Obbligazione Data Prezzo denaro Prezzo lettera Ultimo prezzo Rendimento a scadenza ( denaro ), % Rendimento a scadenza ( lettera ), % Yield per l`ultimo prezzo, %
Bank of New Zealand, 3.5% 20feb2024, USD 22/11/2019 ***.**** ***.**** *.** *.**
Baosteel, 3.875% 28jan2020, USD 22/11/2019 ***.**** ***.**** *.** *.**
Beijing Capital Group, 4.25% 26mar2021, USD 22/11/2019 ***.**** ***.**** *.** *.**
Central Japan Railway, 2.2% 2oct2024, USD 22/11/2019 **.**** **.**** *.** *.**
China Merchants Bank, FRN 12jun2020, USD 22/11/2019 ***.**** ***.****
China Minsheng Banking Corporation (Hong Kong), FRN 15nov2020, USD 22/11/2019 **.**** ***.****
China Reform Holdings, 3.95% 11dec2022, USD 22/11/2019 ***.**** ***.**** *.** *.**
China Travel Service (Hong Kong), 3% 23oct2029, USD 22/11/2019 **.**** **.**** *.** *.**
Export-Import Bank of India, 3.875% 12mar2024, USD 22/11/2019 ***.**** ***.**** *.** *.**
Sinopec, 3.9% 17may2022, USD 22/11/2019 ***.**** ***.**** *.** *.**
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