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BIK Ratings

Categoria — Rating del credito

BIK Ratings is a national rating agency of the Republic of Belarus. BIK Ratings is accredited by the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus and is included in the register of the country’s rating agencies.

The rating agency assigns ratings to organizations, prepares research and analytics, and publishes various rankings.

To date, ratings from BIK Rating (active and withdrawn) are available for organizations from the following industries:

1. Leasing and rent. These are companies such as Leasing-Resourse, SMART Partner, and Finpofit

2. Real estate and real estate funds, e. g. ArendaGroupService and SolViRent

3. Wholesale, for example, Parkerplast and Chisty bereg

4. Chemical and petrochemical industry - Vitebsk Industrial Processing Plant

5. Construction of buildings - SI-Trading

6. Catering - Bel Food Service

7. Tare and packaging - Lumber

8. Professional services - Eneca

9. Ancillary transport activities, for example, RTL Alliance

All ratings are assigned according to the national (Belarusian) scale for assessing the credit ratings of resident organizations of the Republic of Belarus. The table below shows the points in the rating scale that are used to assess creditworthiness.

In addition to assigning credit ratings, the agency assigns ESG ratings and assesses the business reputations of companies. BIK Ratings also publishes reviews on economic topics, for example, research on the bond market and the banking sector and macroeconomic reviews.

The rating agency prepares various types of ratings. Examples include banks, employers, franchises, investment projects, joint-stock companies, medical centers, online stores, outsourcers, Belarusian carriers, health resorts, real estate agencies, industrial parks, and jurisdictions for IT companies.

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