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Registered Bond

Categoria — Parametri dell'emissione

Registered bond is a debt instrument, information about the holder of which is kept by the issuer. The issuer archives the name of the owner, his address and a number of other data in order to ensure that the coupon on the bond is paid exactly to the person to whom the registered bond is issued.

The peculiarity of registered bonds is that since they contain the name of the owner and his contact information registered in the file of the issuing company, then only an individual recognized as the registered owner on the date of interest payment can receive the agreed profit. This means that anyone presenting a bond certificate without being the registered owner will be denied a coupon payment. At the same time, if a registered bond is lost, stolen or destroyed, then it can be easily replaced, since information about the owner is kept by the issuer. It is also interesting that if a bond is bought by a broker for a client and held in the brokerage account, then the broker or dealer is often listed as the owner, although the client naturally remains the beneficial owner.

A significant advantage of registered bonds is that they are much more reliable than bearer bonds. Unlike registered bonds, lost or stolen bearer bonds cannot be replaced because there is no record of their owners.

The example of a registered bond: SME Finance, 11% 5dec2025, EUR LT0000407173
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