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CIC Code

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The CIC Code, or Complementary Identification Code, is used to identify financial instruments, including securities, in the international financial community. CIC is a mandatory asset classification scheme for financial reporting under the Insurance Supervision Act. Bonds also have their own CIC Code, which allows you to identify each individual bond. CIC is a four-digit alphanumeric code that represents geographic data as well as information about a particular instrument.

The first two out of the four digits are used to indicate the country where the stock exchange is located (country code according to ISO 3166-1-alpha-2) under which the financial instrument was purchased. The third and fourth digits provide information about a specific type of financial instrument, for example, if the third digit is 1, it means that the financial instrument is a government bond. This code allows you to identify this bond and distinguish it from other bonds with different parameters.

The use and implementation of this code is based on clarifications published by the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA).

For investors, the CIC Code is an essential tool for tracking and analyzing the bond market. It allows to easily identify bonds and compare them with other financial instruments. In addition, the use of the CIC Code helps to avoid mistakes when conducting trading operations. In general, the CIC Code is an important tool for identifying and tracking financial instruments, including bonds.
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