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Cbonds Partnership Program Earn more through your professional network

Cbonds business profile

Cbonds is one of the leading financial and economic data providers, covering bonds, stocks, funds, macro indices, ratings, corporate financial reports and others! Cbonds has currently more than 1.000 clients in over 80 countries worldwide.

Cbonds main target includes financial institutions (banks, asset management companies, family offices, insurance companies), non-financial companies, private investors (high net-worth individuals).

Most of our clients take advantage of our service for many years, relying on Cbonds data on a long-term basis.

Our main services include access to the website, website subscription and API & Datafeed services

How partnership works

Step 1 — Agreement We sign with our partners an agreement, fixing the terms of cooperation.
Step 2 — Support Afterwards, we open to our partner full access to Cbonds website, arranging a tutorial webinar and providing all video and text materials with full description of Cbonds services. At every moment we are available, in order to answer to any question from our partners, regarding Cbonds.
Step 3 — Lead generation When a partner find a client, which is potentially interested in Cbonds services (subscription or API) he/she introduces the client to our international sales manager, and in case the deal will be closed, we will pay a remuneration based on previously agreed rates.
At every moment we are eager to answer questions from our partners regarding Cbonds

Who can be Cbonds Partners?

We do not put any restrictions. Of course our client base is predominantly composed of financial institutions and HNWI, and we mostly look for partners who have connections with these groups of clients. A partner can be both an individual or a company.

Possible partner roles Manager (CEO, CIO, etc), Treasury manager, Asset/portfolio manager, Trader, Risk-manager, Analyst, Sales/ investment consultant, HNWI, Bloger or influencer etc

Possible partner’s company profile Banks, Asset management companies, Family offices, Investment companies, Insurance companies, Pension funds, Universities, Non-financial companies, Publishing companies etc

Proposal for bloggers and influencers

In addition, we are happy to build a partnership with bloggers and influencers involved in the financial market. The program works in the same way - we provide our partner with an access to Cbonds website, we arrange a tutorial webinar and we send all video and text training materials, with full description of Cbonds.

Afterwards, the partner can use Cbonds data in his/her publications in order to promote the service. The renumeration for every lead from this channel is the same.

Educational materials

Get a better idea about Cbonds platform studying our introductory video & the platform guide
Cbonds - Your trusted source for global bond data
Cbonds - Bond page & Issuer page

Our clients

Lorenzo Raffo

Giornalista finanziario, Investitore privato

«Cbonds is like a coffee. I use it every day and keep me posted on all-important events new issues, quotes and many other info. I could not do without it anymore, as for coffee!»

Andrey Kuleshov

Strategy and Development Advisor, Common Fund for Commodities

«We are engaged in investing of projects on the most complex Emerging Markets as Africa, Asia and Latin America. The CBONDS platform with its database on debt markets data worldwide gives us a great starting point for analysis and prioritizing our investments. CBONDS also provides us with sufficient information to manage our government bonds portfolio.»

Massimo Lumiera

Founder, Bespoke Wealth Advisory

«The Cbonds platform is a fundamental support for the analysis and management of our clients' portfolios.»

  • Common Fund for Commodities
  • International Finance Corporation
  • New Development Bank
  • JPMorgan Chase
  • ING Wholesale Banking
  • Deloitte
  • Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
  • Banxico, banco central, Banco de México
  • Munich Re Group
  • Chapel Hill Denham
  • National Bank of Fujairah
  • Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Al Masraf
  • Bank of Jordan

Partner’s remuneration

Cbonds website subscription
Average subscription price
USD 3 000 — 5 000 p.a.
API & Datafeed solutions
Average service price
USD 10 000 — 15 000 p.a.
  • Year 1 — 50%
    subscription price
  • Year 2 — 30%
    subscription price
  • Year 3 — 20%
    subscription price
Payments can be sent via bank transfer or cryptocurrency (USDT)


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