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Issue, issuer

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Emission is the procedure for issuing securities. Also, "emission" is often called a set of specific securities placed within one issue. Allocate the primary and additional issue of securities.

Issuer is an entity who issues securities. The role of the issuer can be performed by both a legal entity and an administrative-territorial unit (city, region, state), as well as government bodies.

The most widespread securities which have the issuance nature of placement are bonds, ordinary and preferred shares. The purpose of the issue is primarily the formation of a capital through the distribution of securities, whether it’s equity (in the case of stocks) or borrowed (in the case of bonds) capital. In addition, in the case of issuing securities for a wide range of persons (the so-called public offering), the purpose of the issue can also be the formation of the issuer’s image.

The issuance procedure is regulated according to the national and international laws. The issuer is legally responsible for the issued securities. Also, according to the world practice, the issuer is obliged to disclose information regarding its activities to ensure information transparency if its securities are in public circulation.
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